Edge Computing


Edge computing is the latest technology trend that is getting famous by the day. The technology is based on the philosophy of bringing computing power as close to the data source. This helps in reducing bandwidth and latency.

The technology aims to run fewer processes in the cloud and shifting those processes to locations such as the user’s system or an edge server. Bridging this gap between the data and the computation reduces the long-distance communication between the server and the client, which in turn enhances the speed of the process. This is why edge computing is used for handling time-sensitive data stored in remote locations that have limited connectivity to the central location. The technology will make cloud computing and IoT devices faster.

It is estimated that by 2022, the edge computing market will be worth $7 billion. The technology will be popular in areas such as healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. Thus, it will open the doors to many job opportunities. It is expected that the salary range of an Edge computing professional will be around $100,400 to $123,000 per annum.

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