We can work from home

Work from home is a growing trend in today’s work environment, in which employees can easily plug-in from just anywhere they are.

As we begin preparing to take advantage of the relaxation in lock down to resume work, revive our businesses, or resurrect our social lives, companies and employees are trying to visualize the future of the workplace.


The ongoing lockdowns to flatten the COVID-19 curve, changed the way people work, especially those in the organised sector. A majority of employees in the organised sector continued to work during the lockdown, but from home (WFH). While the IT sector is familiar with the concept, this is a first for employees in other sectors. Working from home is attractive to professionals, as they save time and money on the daily commute, eat home-cooked meals and stay close to their loved ones, but it has not really taken off in a big way in India.


Typically, when IT employees work from home, a significant number continue to operate from the office. Employees of a few companies did work entirely from home, but the number was not significant compared to the size of the organised sector. The lockdown changed all of this.


Work from home is a growing trend in today’s work environment, in which employees can easily plug-in from just anywhere they are. A work from home policy is nothing but an agreement between the employer and the employees who prefer to have the work from home privileges. The policy defines the expectations, responsibilities, the eligibility and the other work from home guidelines. In short, it ensures that all employees understand what is required of them when they choose to work from home.


While some companies have a regular option of remote working, others take it up during emergencies. Like, look at the current condition. Coronavirus has sparked a revolution in the work from home scenario. As the terror of Covid-19 continues to spread, many employers have already considered the work from home set up quite seriously, to avoid reduced productivity. Top companies like Google and Microsoft have arranged for enhanced teleconferencing tools to make work from home more comfortable than ever.


Whatever be the circumstances, companies need a defined work from home policy to make it work. The work from home policy can be tailored as per the company’s needs and requirements. In the due course it can be modified according to the company’s specific values.


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