Importance of SMS in Marketing

m1 copy

Text Messaging/ SMS is an effective mechanism to communicate with Consumers.

Today Mobile Phones are handy to everyone and in that case, SMS are an effective means of Marketing.SMS have a high chance of reading as they are short and your audience gets the message.SMS messaging doesn’t require a smartphone.

There are two types of SMS: Transactional and Promotional.
When you shop a product and receive an SMS of Thanks, it is Transactional SMS. When you receive SMS regarding any product or brand information or Sale, it is Promotional SMS. When you buy bulk SMS from your vendor, you have to register your name as you will get a 6 digit sender ID that will be seen in the SMS your customers will receive.

Apex Software House provides bulk SMS to its Customers at the lowest rates throughout India. When you buy SMS from us, you get 24 hours SMS service. You can send Message on DND numbers.You will get separate control panel to manage SMS service.




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