Surat Fire Tragedy


On 24th May 2019, a fire broke in Takshashila Complex in Surat, Gujarat. The fire started at the ground floor, forcing students to take cover at the roof. At leat 22 students were killed in the mishap due to suffocation or trying to fall off the windows to escape fire.

A coaching centre was being run in the complex and mostly teenagers died in the incident.

The fire was caused by short circuit. Lots of smoke accumulated on the top floor where students were located. There was no ventilation for the smoke to escape. There were AC compressors and tyres on top floir which caught fire rapidly. A whole top floor was constructed illegally in the building.There were no safety equipment installed in the building.

As alert citizens, we should consider such an incident seriously. We should check the building where our Children are studying for its safety. Whether it is their School or Coaching Centre. Not only that, we should also check the building we are living in or the buildings aroubd us which we feel are not properly equipped with fire safety. We should alert the concerned authorities regarding that. No amount of compensation will bring our Loved ones back!


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