Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February. It is the day to celebrate love. Before this day, different days like Chocolate Day, Hug Day etc. Are celebrated celebrated before a week. It is popular among youngsters. Many couples propose each other on this day to make their relationship special.

Why is this day so much popular nowadays? It is because love is the feeling that makes life worth living. Any amount of bank balance will not help you get true love. A feeling of being loved releases hormone from our brain that makes us feel good.

Not only between couples, love is also between a mother and child, with your neighbour or with your friend. Preparing a favourite dish of your loved ones is also an expression of love rather than giving gifts. Travelling together, chatting also brings one another closer.

Feelings can be shown by expressing them. So express your feelings. Not only on this Day, but throughout the year. Make your loved ones feel special.Happy Valentine’s Day!

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